TouchPointCare ™
TouchPointCare ™


TouchPointCare provides the most effective and flexible telehealth system for hospital to home transition care as well as on-going disease management, patient education, and medication management.

A telhome-phone_iconephone (land line or mobile) is the only technology a patient needs thus enabling you to implement programs quickly, easily  and cost effectively.  The system allows you to use different communication methods for different programs. Choose the method with which a patient is most comfortable, e.g. use non-clinician calls to the patient to monitor and assess their care transition, use IVR calls for ongoing disease management, use text and e-mails for education tips and reminders, etc.

With patient care focusing on the home TouchPointCare gives you all the tools you need to partner with patients so they can stay happy and healthy in their homes!

Learn more about how you can leverage the TouchPointCare system for your specific needs in our ‘how it works’ section.

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