TouchPointCare ™
TouchPointCare ™

Private Duty agencies have an increasing opportunity to play a greater role in the delivery of care. In addition to using TouchPointCare for documenting caregiver activity agencies are now able to gather and report on client signs and symptoms. Many private duty clients must manage one or more chronic conditions. Innovative agencies are using TouchPointCare to work directly with families, local hospitals, physicians and other partners to provide disease management and monitoring services as part of their standard services.

Caregiver Documentation

TouchPointCare offers an easy method to collect and submit documentation and eliminate the hassles of paper based documentation forms. Using an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) or automated system, caregivers call in to a toll free number from the client’s home and over a one or two minute phone call, respond to a series of questions about the activities performed and how the client is doing or feeling.

• Eliminate paper based documentation
• Reports support audits, compliance and long term care insurance requirements
• Serves independently as (or integrates with existing) time & attendance systems
• “Branching logic” allows follow up questions to responses of concern
• Alerts can notify caregivers or family members of deteriorating conditions
• Promote as a marketing tool to client families

Passive monitoring to promote independence

TouchPointCare interfaces with many technology devices to help people live independently. These include motion sensors, pendants, door sensors and biometric devices. Using TouchPointCare as an integrated communications platform, allows initial “alerts” to be initially followed up with an automated call, and only if that automated call is unsuccessful, escalate to the attention of caregivers.

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