TouchPointCare ™
TouchPointCare ™

TouchPointCare was initially created to support communication within the healthcare industry. However, client or customer communication is vital across all industries and TouchPointContact can help!

Data collection is invaluable to any business

No matter your business, data collection is becoming critical to knowing the effectiveness of your advertising, how your customers use your product, and how you can reach your market on a personal level.

TouchPointContact was created to market the TouchPointCare software platform to non-health and human service clients. Since the platform can support the collection and dissemination of virtually any kind of data or information, TPC can be used to support IVR marketing campaigns, satisfaction surveys, deliver “dynamic” or  customizable information to field service representatives using IVR, texting or smartphones, provide account balances, pay off invoices and much more.


• “Stay in touch” with field service representatives and staff via texting, smartphone or IVR to deliver customizable and interactive data
• Market to general public; calls come into a toll free lines and access company information, then have information texted to callers or be transferred to other locations
• Allow customers to call in and access and retrieve their own personal data
• Send emergency and other types of announcement messaging to targeted populations
• Create editable IVR phone greetings and easily manage call transfers based upon caller requirements

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