TouchPointCare ™
TouchPointCare ™

Health Plans increasingly want patient care to be delivered in an integrated and along a seamless continuum, especially when patients are out of the hospital and living at home. TouchPointCare is uniquely suited to communicate with enrollees in support of various disease management and wellness programs and patient engagement programs.

Be Proactive

TouchPointCare –  ­ A cost effective way to proactively engage and interact with enrollees, employees and other plan participants to improve care and reduce costs.

• Monitor chronic conditions to prevent hospitalization, re­-hospitalization and emergency room visits
• Encourage self-­management
• Educate and inform employees with long term and chronic conditions
• Promote wellness initiatives
• Support compliance with rehab, wellness, and discharge plans
• Reduce out of pocket expenses through better awareness, early detection and early intervention

By actively monitoring at-­risk members, health plans are able to reduce the need for hospitalization or emergency treatment thus helping to reduce costs in the healthcare delivery system. Through active engagement with members and their physicians, a health plan can help promote quality improvements and patient knowledge. Lower expenditures by informed consumers who manage their health saves money for both the consumer, the employer and the health plan. Employers with healthy employees actively engaged in their own care management have more productive employees and lower premiums…it’s a win, win, win!

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