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TouchPointCare ™

We’ve compiled a list of questions we hear on a regular basis. You may be able to find the answer to your question below.

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What is telehealth?
What is Phone Monitoring?
What is Telemonitoring?
What is the difference between Phone Monitoring and Telemonitoring?
How do you believe telehealth will impact the healthcare industry?
What can administrators do to decrease staff resistance to technology?
Where can I find information about privacy issues?
We are encouraging patient self management, how can TouchPointCare assist us in this effort?
Is the TouchPointCare product easy for my patients to use?
Can I set thresholds to generate email alerts to me in real time?
How much time does a call or "virtual visit" take?
How much will it cost?
Is there a licensing or maintenance fee with TouchPointCare?
What kind of questions can I ask my patients?
Who makes the phone calls to the patient?
Does TouchPointCare provide predefined Question Series for various disease states?
Are there any companies that can help me develop my questions?
Do I need to contact every patient every day to realize the benefit of Telehealth through TouchPointCare?
Who will see the medical or other information?
Do I need to install your software on my company’s computer system?
What is an ASP?
How can it help me?
Do I have to purchase a software license?
Who owns the data?
What kind of reporting is available?
Can data be exported to Word or Excel?
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