TouchPointCare ™
TouchPointCare ™

TouchPointCare was created to improve communication between patients and their providers. To prevent fraud and abuse and to ensure patient safety and quality care, DME suppliers need regular and consistent contact with their patients to monitor and document continued use, proper functioning of, and need for, their equipment. In addition, TouchPointCare can also be used for ordering more supplies, check account balances, send reminders and many other types of patient communication.

Patient Communication

TouchPointCare is a Web-based communication platform that facilitates all types of communication with patients and customers. From account balances, to appointment reminders to supply reordering, every non face to face communication you have with your patient or customer can be managed more effectively through TouchPointCare.

CMS Requirements

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers have an on­going challenge of meeting CMS compliance reporting requirements. Suppliers must document regular and consistent contact with their customers to confirm demographic, insurance and physician data as well as confirming that the equipment is in good working order and still be used by the customer. TouchPointCare manages this communication and stores it for easy reporting.

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